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Read what hundreds of past students have said.
While at CompUSA, Claremont McKenna College, Pitzer College and Harvey Mudd College (and other various technology instructor projects), students would evaluate my teaching skills every time I taught a software course, class, workshop or seminar. Throughout the years, I've kept hard copies of those evaluations and are now viewable by you in PDF format.
Word Classes (PDF doc, 136 pages, 12.8MBs)
Excel Classes (PDF doc, 210 pages, 14.4MBs)
PowerPoint Classes (PDF doc, 102 pages, 6.5MBs)
Access Classes (PDF doc, 25 pages, 1.6MBs)
Outlook Classes (PDF doc, 11 pages, .6MBs)
FrontPage Classes (PDF doc, 18 pages, .8MBs)
Operating System Classes (PDF doc, 40 pages, 2.5MBs)